At Building Blocks we accept registrations through out the year, based on space availability, to better accommodate your families needs. The following is a list of our programs registration requirements.

Completed and signed registration form.

$25 (non-refundable) registration/administration fee per child.

Proof of confirmation of subsidy.

Post dated cheques for monthly fees is highly encouraged.


Please note: This registration form is for your child’s records and protection while attending Building Blocks Childcare Centre’s. All fields must be filled in to there entirety to be accepted prior to registration. Please fill out the form online and print for your personal signatures. Thank you

Emergency Contact and Persons Authorized to Remove Child from Day Care

Emergency Contact (other than parents/guardian): MUST BE A LOCAL ADDRESS

Person(s) authorized to pick up my child (Besides Parents/Guardians or Emergency Contacts):



Consent to Emergency First Aid & Transportation

Consent to Medical Care and Treatment

Nature of First Aide

Custody Order

Parent Handbook Policies

Neighborhood Walks

Activities that are not supervised by a primary stafft:

Release of Information to agreed upon agencies

Consent to Apply Sunscreen

Consent for Photos on Facebook