Hello and welcome to Building Blocks’ Childcare Centres fees page.

Here you will gain useful knowledge of our fees and various forms of payment.

On this page, you can pay your child’s fees through our online portal. This will allow you to make payment using your personal credit card or online PayPal account.

Should you wish to make your payment in person at your child’s school, Southview facility accepts debit, cash and cheque. At this time, our Southland’s facility accepts cash and cheque only. Parent’s that have children attending Southlands however wish to pay in debit, are more than welcome to go to the Southview facility. The administration office is open 8:30am till 4:30pm.

Our fees are due on or before the last business day of the month in advance of the coming month.

Fee breakdown is as follows:

12 – 18 months

19 months to 6 years of age

$900 per month

if you qualify for full subsidy, the parent portion is $272

$746 per month

If you qualify for full subsidy, the parent portion is $200